Tracing Southern Conservatism from Slavery to Donald Trump

The 89th Annual Meeting of the Southern Historical Association will take place at the Westin Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina, November 9-12, 2023. The 2023 Program Committee invites historians and students of history who work in secondary and higher education, museums, libraries, archives, government, and other public and private institutions, or who work as activists, writers, journalists, artists, performers, and film-makers, to submit proposals in the formats listed below. We especially welcome panels that bring together scholars who are not typically in conversation with one another. All proposals for the 2023 program must be submitted online before September 15, 2022.


Traditional panels are composed of three 15-minute papers, a chair, and two commentators, one of whom may be the chair. (One panel member, designated the organizer, will submit a 250-word panel overview, abstracts for each paper, and the participants’ vitas.) To submit a traditional session proposal, click here.

Single paper submissions are accepted and, where possible, will be matched into panels by the Program Committee. However, complete panels have priority. (You may find H-South helpful in connecting with scholars to build panels.) To submit a single paper proposal, click here.

Roundtables are organized discussions including three to four discussants and a moderator, who responds and asks questions of the participants, one of whom is designated the organizer. Discussants focus on a specific field or topic in informal 8-minute remarks, but do not read a formal paper. The moderator asks questions to which they respond, leaving ample time for questions from the audience. (The organizer submits a 250-word statement on the main question under discussion and each participant’s vita.) To submit a roundtable proposal, click here.

The SHA is also open to Alternative Session Proposals. Viable formats for alternative sessions include, but are not limited to, workshops, 'lightning' presentations, history slams, single-book panels, movie screenings, or other artist, performance, or activist presentations. To submit an alternative session proposal, click here.

SHA Participation

The SHA's participation rules, adopted in 2019, specify that while chairs and commentators do not need to take a year off between program appearances, traditional paper-givers and roundtable participants must sit-out one year before appearing on the program to ensure diversity and access to participation.

2023 Program Committee Co-chairs
Elizabeth Herbin-Triant
Nancy Bercaw