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Volume LXXXVII, 2021, November, Number 4

Simon Gerstmann's War: Religion, Loyalty, and Memory in the Post–Civil War Claims Courts
By Adam H. Domby and Shari Rabin

Forgetting Waller Creek: An Environmental History of Race, Parks, and Planning in Downtown Austin, Texas
By Katherine Leah Pace

No Medical Justification: Segregation and Civil Rights in Alabama's Psychiatric Hospitals, 1952–1972
By Kylie M. Smith

Surveilling the Memphis Movement: Police Spying in Memphis, 1968–1976
By Gregg L. Michel

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Volume LXXXVIII, 2022, February, Number 1

Emancipation, Incarceration, and the Boundaries of Coercion
By Steven Hahn

Matrilineal Management: How Creek Women and Matrilineages Shaped Distinct Forms of Racialized Slavery in Creek Country at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century
By Miller Shores Wright

Pandemic Injustice: Irish Immigrant, Enslaved African American, and Choctaw Experiences with Cholera in 1832
By Paul Kelton

Old Age, Mastery, and Resistance in American Slavery
By David Stefan Doddington

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