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Volume LXXXVIII, 2022, November, Number 4

“In Reference to the Death of Isham”: Slavery, Law, and Their Afterlives
By Julia W. Bernier and Justin Simard

Reconciling the New Navy: Hilary Abner Herbert and the End of Reconstruction in America
By Colin McConarty

Sophia Devereux Turner and the Troubled Female Mind in the Late-Nineteenth-Century South
By Sylvia D. Hoffert

Reenvisioning Richmond’s Past: Race, Reconciliation, and Public History in the Modern South, 1990–Present
By Marvin T. Chiles

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Volume LXXXIX, 2023, February, Number 1

The Past Before Us
By Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore

Race-Making across Empires: The Racial Formation of Louisiana's Filipino Communities from the Antebellum Era through Jim Crow
By Michael Menor Salgarolo

Sustaining the Confederacy: Informal Diplomacy, Anglo-Confederate Relations, and Blockade-Running in the Bahamas
By Beau Cleland

The Cost of Civil Rights: White Supremacist Violence and Economic Resistance against Koinonia Farm during the Civil Rights Era
By William Robert Billups

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