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Members of the SHA enjoy 365 days of benefits, including four issues of the Journal of Southern History, discounts on conference registration, a conference program, updates from organization headquarters, and much more. Your dues help the Association promote: interest and research in history in and of the American South at all education levels; the encouragement of state and local historical societies in the South; and federal advocacy on matters of common concern to historians. If you were a member before, simply renew your membership by clicking the button below (your username is the email you originally used and click "Forgot your password?" if you can't remember.) If you prefer to join by mail and pay by check, please download the Membership Form.
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Registration for the 2022 Meeting in Baltimore is now closed. Registration will open June 15 for the 2023 Meeting in Charlotte.


Since 1934 the Southern Historical Association has worked diligently to advance the cause of history in and of the American South, all the while earning a reputation as one of the most rigorous, yet thoroughly accessible and convivial academic organizations in the United States. Your giving ensures that this Association, which has served the region and the profession so well, will remain uniquely welcoming, vibrant, and rewarding for future generations dedicated to exploring the complex and critically important history of the American South. If you are in a position where a $1,000 contribution is feasible, you become a Lifetime Sponsor of the SHA, which comes with a lifetime electronic subscription to the Journal, recognition in our printed programs and website, and invitations to Executive Council receptions. All donations are appreciated; all are tax-deductible.

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