SHA's Executive Council and Standing Committees

The Southern Historical Association is overseen by the Executive Council, which consists of four officers (President, Vice President, Editor of the Journal, and Secretary-Treasurer), two immediate past presidents, and nine elected members, each serving for three years. The current Executive Council includes:



Richard Blackett, Vanderbilt University, President
Lorri Glover, Saint Louis University, Vice President
Stephen Berry, University of Georgia, Secretary-Treasurer
Randal L. Hall, Rice University, Journal Editor

Past Presidents

Joseph Reidy, Howard University (2023)
Glenda Gilmore, Yale University (2022)

Elected Members

Allison Dorsey, Swarthmore College (2024)
John David Smith, University of North Carolina, Charlotte (2024)
Amy Murrell Taylor, University of Kentucky (2024)
Karl Trybus, Limestone University* (2024)
Jim Downs, Gettysburg College (2025)
Kendra Field, Tufts University (2025)
Hilary Green, Davidson University (2025)
Sally Hadden, Western Michigan University (2025)
Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers, University of California, Berkeley (2025)
William Van Norman, James Madison University** (2025)
Adrienne Petty, William & Mary (2026)
Natalie Ring, University of Texas at Dallas (2026)
Joshua Rothman, University of Alabama (2026)

* European History Section representative
** Latin American and Caribbean Section representative

Standing Committees

The Association employs several standing committees charged with facilitating the annual program and ensuring efficiency and fair-practices both within the organization and within the wider profession of history.

  • The SHA's Program Committee oversees the process of putting together the panels, plenaries, and roundtables for the next annual conference. Program Committee Chair for Kansas City 2024 is Angela Murphy. Program Committee co-chairs for St. Pete Beach 2025 are Andrew Frank and Kirsten Wood. 
  • The Local Arrangements Committee oversees fundraising for the annual meeting, hosts the opening reception, plans local events and tours, and coordinates with the program committee to secure local venues. Local Arrangements Committee Chair for Kansas City 2024 is Diane Mutti-Burke. Local Arrangements Committee Chair for St. Pete Beach 2025 is Evan Bennett. 
  • The Membership Committee is charged with renewing old members and soliciting new ones. Current Membership Committee Chair is Whit Stewart.
  • The Nominating Committee is charged with choosing our president-elect and three new members of the Executive Council. The current committee consists of Diane Miller Sommerville, University of Binghamton, Chair; Greg Downs, University of California, Davis; Sarah Gardner, Mercer University; Deirdre Cooper Owens, University of Connecticut; Paul Ortiz, University of Florida.
  • The Committee on Minorities in the SHA is charged with helping to ensure the organization's commitment to inclusiveness and creating a diverse and welcoming environment at all association functions. The committee creates workshop panels on relevant issues in the profession for the annual meeting. The current committee consists of Raúl Ramos, University of Houston, chair (2026); Ceclia Márquez, Duke University (2024); Yuridia Ramírez, University of Illinois (2024); Sheena Harris, University of West Virginia (2025); Arwin Smallwood, North Carolina A&T State University (2025); Dexter Gabriel, University of Connecticut (2026); Narcus Nevius, University of Missouri (2026); Justene Hill Edwards, University of Virginia (2026); Julie Reed, Pennsylvania State University (2027); Brooke Bauer, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2027).
  • The Committee on Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the SHA is charged with helping to ensure the organization's commitment to inclusiveness and creating a diverse and welcoming environment at all association functions. The committee creates workshop panels on relevant issues in the profession for the annual meeting. The current committee consists of Hannah Rosen, College of William & Mary, chair (2025); Barbara Krauthamer, University of Massachusetts (2025); Carolyn Janney, University of Virginia (2025); Erica Hayden, Trevecca Nazarene University (2026); Jim Downs, Gettysburg College (2027); Brandi C. Bremmer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2027).
  • The Committee on Communications oversees the SHA's eNewsletter and social media. The current committee consists of Stephen Prince, Louisiana State University, chair; Mandy Cooper, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2026); Elijah Gaddis, Auburn University (2026); Jermaine Thibodeaux, University of Oklahoma (2026); Angela Diaz, Utah State University (2027); Leah LaGrone, Weber State University (2027)
  • The Committee on Teaching builds relevant programs and advocates for the interests of all history educators in the association. The current committee consists of Jennifer Ritterhouse, George Mason University, chair; Amirita Chakrabarti Myers, Indiana University (2026); Melissa N. Stuckey, University of South Carolina (2026); Clint Walsh, Discovery Middle School, Orlando (2026); Nancy Schurr, Chattanooga State Community College (2026); Leigh Soares, Mississippi State University (2026); Mariah Bender, Rice University (2026); Andrew H. Baker, Clemson University (2027); Mark Cheathem, Cumberland University (2027); Scott Gartlan, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2027); Katie Perrotta, Mercer University (2027); Ansley Quiros, University of North Alabama (2027); LeeAnn Reynolds, Samford University (2027). 
  • The Graduate Student Council oversees SHA's Graduate Student Lunch and all aspects of our graduate membership. 
  • The Committee on Professional Development stages programs at the annual meeting and throughout the year that focus on career issues and advancement in history education. Such programs include the Mentoring Match-Up Program, the Second Book-Writers Workshop, and the Junior Scholars' Workshop. The current committee consists of Kelly Kennington, Auburn University, chair; Tim Boyd, Montgomery Bell Academy (2026); Selena Sandefer Doss, Western Kentucky University (2026); Bob Elder, Baylor University (2026); Lisa Tendrich Frank, Freelance Editor and Author (2026); Allison Madar, University of Oregon (2026); Stephanie Chancy, University of Florida (2027); Scott Huffard, Lees-McRae College (2027); Ashley Towle, University of Southern Maine (2027); Ann Tucker, University of North Georgia (2027).
  • The Professional Conduct Committee ensures compliance with the SHA's Code of Professional Conduct (see The current chair of the Professional Conduct Committee is Angela Zombek, University of North Carolina at Wilmington.