Events & Programs

The SHA is not just a journal and an annual meeting. Our charge is to support history education in and about the American South all-year long. To that end, the Membership Committee has created a number of new initiatives:

Second Book Writers’ Workshop

The Southern Historical Association is excited to announce its inaugural Second Book Writers’ Workshop, entitled “Get it Done: A Second Book Writers’ Workshop.” If you’re working on a second book project and could use some motivation and support to “Get it done,” please consider applying for our program, to be held over zoom in the weeks prior to the New Orleans annual meeting in November. The workshop will also host a wrap-up conversation over lunch in New Orleans on Friday, November 5. For more information, please check out or contact the organizers, Bob Elder ([email protected]) or Kelly Kennington ([email protected]).

 Junior Scholars Workshop

The Junior Scholars Workshop is a program to support and encourage advanced graduate students and recent graduates working in the field of southern history, as well as to provide a space for SHA members to connect outside of the annual meeting. As such, we encourage attendees to our Zoom sessions to chat with one another or say hello to friends. All attendees are also welcome to ask questions in the chat as well as on camera. To check the upcoming schedule, to volunteer, or for more information, please check out

SHA’s ‘Public Square’

The Membership Committee has created a new exhibit space we’re calling the SHA Public Square, a hub for public announcements and Public History at the SHA, a place for historians in all lines of work—museums, teaching, archives, and more—to gather, learn, and connect. Located in the exhibit hall, the Square will host pop-up exhibits, a Happy Hour, and representatives from local history institutions, as well as feature Public History programs from colleges and universities across the nation. For more information, see