The Fletcher M. Green and Charles W. Ramsdell Award

Award Description

The Fletcher M. Green and Charles W. Ramsdell Award is awarded in even-numbered years for the best article published in the Journal of Southern History during the two-preceding years. It will be awarded at the 2020 annual meeting in Memphis, TN, for an article published during 2018 or 2019.

2020 Award Committee

Aaron Sheehan-Dean, Louisiana State University, Chair
Jim Broomall, Shepherd University
Adrienne Petty, College of William & Mary

Past Winners

2018 - Brandon Layton
"Indian Country to Slave Country: The Transformation of Natchez during the American Revolution,” Volume LXXXII (February 2016)

2016 - Reiko Hillyer
"Cold War Conquistadors: The St. Augustine Quadricentennial, Pan-Americanism, and the Civil Rights Movement in the Ancient City," Volume LXXXI (February 2015)

2014 - Stephanie E. Yuhl
"Hidden in Plain Sight: Centering the Domestic Slave Trade in American Public History," Volume LXXIX (August 2013) JSTOR

2012 - Paul S. Sutter
"What Gullies Mean: Georgia's 'Little Grand Canyon' and Southern Environmental History," Volume LXXVI (August 2010) JSTOR

2010 - Mark W. Geiger
"Indebtedness and the Origins of Guerrilla Violence in Civil War Missouri," Volume LXXV (February 2009) JSTOR

2008 - Karen Kruse Thomas
"The Hill-Burton Act and Civil Rights: Expanding Hospital Care for Black Southerners, 1939–1960," Volume LXXII (November 2006) JSTOR

2006 - Claudio Saunt
"The Paradox of Freedom: Tribal Sovereignty and Emancipation during the Reconstruction of Indian Territory," Volume LXX (February 2004) JSTOR

2004 - Stephanie J. Shaw
"Using the WPA Ex-Slave Narratives to Study the Impact of the Great Depression," Volume LXIX (August 2003) JSTOR

2002 - Greg O'Brien (co-winner)
"The Conqueror Meets the Unconquered: Negotiating Cultural Boundaries on the Post-Revolutionary Southern Frontier," Volume LXVII (February 2001) JSTOR

2002 - Gregory Michael Dorr (co-winner)
"Assuring America's Place in the Sun: Ivey Foreman Lewis and the Teaching of Eugenics at the University of Virginia, 1915–1953," Volume LXVI (May 2000) JSTOR

2000 - Laura F. Edwards (co-winner)
"Law, Domestic Violence, and the Limits of Patriarchal Authority in the Antebellum South," Volume LXV (November 1999) JSTOR

2000 - Michael A. Ross (co-winner)
"Justice Miller's Reconstruction : The Slaughter-House Cases, Health Codes and Civil Rights in New Orleans, 1861–1873," Volume LXIV (November 1998) JSTOR

1998 - Neil Foley
"Mexicans, Mechanization, and the Growth of Corporate Cotton Culture in South Texas: The Taft Ranch, 1900–1930," Volume LXII (May 1996) JSTOR

1996 - Sharon Ann Holt
"Making Freedom Pay: Freedpeople Working for Themselves, North Carolina, 1865–1900," Volume LX (May 1994) JSTOR

1994 - John S. Hughes
"Labeling and Treating Black Mental Illness in Alabama, 1862–1910," Volume LVIII (August 1992) JSTOR

1992 - James C. Cobb
"Does Mind No Longer Matter? The South, the Nation, and The Mind of the South, 1941–1991," Volume LVII (November 1991) JSTOR

1990 - James C. Cobb
"Beyond Planters and Industrialists: A New Perspective on the New South," Volume LIV (February 1988) JSTOR

1988 - Rowland Berthoff
"Celtic Mist Over the South," Volume LII (November 1986) JSTOR

1986 - Raymond Arsenault
"The End of the Long Hot Summer: The Air Conditioner and Southern Culture," Volume L (November 1984) JSTOR

Charles W. Ramsdell Article Award

1983 - Elizabeth Brown Pryor
"An Anomalous Person: The Northern Tutor in Plantation Society, 1773–1860," Volume XLVII (August 1981) JSTOR

1981 - Daniel Joseph Singal
"Broadus Mitchell and the Persistence of New South Thought," Volume XLV (August 1979) JSTOR

1979 - John R. Killick
"The Cotton Operations of Alexander Brown and Sons in the Deep South, 1820–1860," Volume XLIII (May 1977) JSTOR

1977 - Carl V. Harris
"Right Fork or Left Fork? The Section-Party Alignments of Southern Democrats in Congress, 1873–1897," Volume XLII (November 1976) JSTOR

1975 - Randolph B. Campbell
"Planters and Plain Folk: Harrison County, Texas, as a Test Case, 1850–1860," Volume XL (August 1974) JSTOR

1973 - Patricia Hickin
"Gentle Agitator: Samuel M. Janney and the Antislavery Movement in Virginia, 1842–1851," Volume XXXVII (May 1971) JSTOR

1971 - Bertram Wyatt-Brown
"The Antimission Movement in the Jacksonian South: A Study in Regional Folk Culture," Volume XXXVI (November 1970) JSTOR

1969 - Norman K. Risjord
"The Virginia Federalists," Volume XXXIII (November 1967) JSTOR

1967 - Alan Dowty
"Urban Slavery in Pro-Southern Fiction of the 1850's," Volume XXXII (February 1966) JSTOR

1965 - Harold D. Woodman
"The Profitability of Slavery: A Historical Perennial," Volume XXIX (August 1963) JSTOR

1963 - Edward W. Phifer
"Slavery in Microcosm: Burke County, North Carolina," Volume XXVIII (May 1962) JSTOR

1961 - Bernard A. Weisberger
"The Dark and Bloody Ground of Reconstruction Historiography," Volume XXV (November 1959) JSTOR

1959 - J. R. Pole
"Suffrage and Representation in Maryland from 1776 to 1810: A Statistical Note and Some Reflections," Volume XXIV (May 1958) JSTOR

1957 - Robert R. Russel
"What Was the Compromise of 1950?," Volume XXII (August 1956) JSTOR

Fletcher Melvin Green Article Award

1970 - Roger L. Rice
"Residential Segregation by Law, 1910–1917," Volume XXXIV (May 1968) JSTOR

1972 - Harvard Sitkoff
"Harry Truman and the Election of 1948: The Coming of Age of Civil Rights in American Politics," Volume XXXVII (November 1971) JSTOR

1974 - Warren A. Ellem
"Who Were the Mississippi Scalawags?," Volume XXXVIII (May 1972) JSTOR

1976 - Daniel J. Flanigan
"Criminal Procedure in Slave Trials in the Antebellum South," Volume XL (November 1974) JSTOR

1978 - Barry Mackintosh
"George Washington Carver: The Making of a Myth," Volume XLII (November 1976) JSTOR

1980 - Steven J. Ross
"Freed Soil, Freed Labor Freed Men: John Eaton and the Davis Bend Experiment," Volume XLIV (May 1978) JSTOR

1982 - Judith K. Schafer
"New Orleans Slavery in 1850 as Seen in Advertisements," Volume XLVII (February 1981) JSTOR